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Why Allergy Sufferers Should Avoid Wet Carpet Cleaning Methods

Why Allergy Sufferers Should Avoid Wet Carpet Cleaning Methods

Posted June 01, 2015
If you are allergic to mold or duct mites, you probably already know that you should keep the relative humidity level in your home below 50% to avoid the growth of unwanted organisms. Mold and dust mites thrive in damp environments, and hot water extraction leaves carpet fibers damp. Mold spores can germinate after only 12 hours in hospitable conditions, and a mold colony may form in as little as a day.

Wet carpet cleaning methods often dampen the padding below the carpet, too, and the covered padding takes even longer to dry, providing ideal conditions for mold and mildew growth. Hot water extraction can also damage the floor beneath the padding, especially if it's wooden.

Wet Carpet Cleaning DiagramSome furniture, when exposed to wet carpet, may stain the carpet with dyes. Metal parts touching the carpet may leave rust stains.

Wet Carpet Hot water extraction can damage the carpet itself as well. The moisture may cause the carpet to shrink or lose its color.

Finally, wet carpet cleaning leaves behind a chemical detergent residue. This residue makes the carpet sticky and attracts more dirt to the carpet fibers.

When people rent hot water extraction machines, the risk for damage only increases.

Professional cleaning services normally use very powerful wet vacuums to suck up the dirty water from the carpet. Rental equipment, however, is not as powerful and often leaves the carpet even damper.

Our customers are always satisfied with Go Green Carpet Cleanings process, because they can walk on their carpets the same day. This important to avoid the problems that are listed above. Beware of the companies that offer low rates and quick service. It takes time to do the job right and not just soak your carpets and leave. Take advantage of our promotions and no obligation quotes. We are here to help your family breath easy and keep a healthy home.

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