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Finding Restoration Companies For Carpet Repair

Finding Restoration Companies For Carpet Repair

Posted August 16, 2017
When a consumer needs help from restoration companies, they should rely on a business that has a strong set of certifications.

While there are several industry agencies that provide these, the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is the most respected organization in the field. Hundreds of professionals from around the country make up the IICRC, and together, they are responsible for best practices in the industry. The agency offers more than 30 courses, each designed to improve the professional’s knowledge and capabilities.

Homeowners have many restoration companies to choose from, no matter where they live.

In the wake of a natural disaster, buildings may be damaged by water, fire or smoke. Without the proper certifications, it will be difficult to effectively fix any problems. With online review sites, homeowners will be able to quickly identify which services should be considered. Because the IICRC is the most visible and respected agency in the industry, consumers will naturally select professionals with its approval. Businesses that complete enough coursework will earn the coveted CleanTrust mark. Homeowners look for this because it shows competency, professionalism and attention to detail.

Restoration companies have many classes to choose from in the IICRC.

There are three certification tracks available, and as a professional earns credits within the organization, they can earn advanced certifications. These advanced tracks include textile cleaner, fire and smoke restoration and water damage restoration. Each track contains two levels of expertise, journeyman and master. After becoming a registrant with the IICRC, a professional can earn journeyman status with a year of experience in the industry and after completing several courses and passing the corresponding exams. Master status is available three years after the original certification date and can be attained after successfully completing more classes and exams.

These certifications prove a professional’s experience in the industry, and consumers will be able to tell the difference.

The IICRC regularly releases updated sets of best practices and quality control guidelines that reputable companies adhere to. This is true even among professionals that aren’t registrants with the IICRC. Any professional that wants to offer the most technologically current procedures will make sure to adhere to these regulations. Restoration companies that take classes through an IICRC-approved school will be introduced to the newest equipment and methods. This, in addition to IICRC certifications and the CleanTrust mark, will draw consumers to the business. Also, IICRC registrants are placed in the agency’s online database. Any homeowners looking for a service are able to easily locate them through this database.

Technicians in this industry are expected to properly repair any water damage, repair any damage to flooring and textiles, remove odours from carpeting and fabrics and eradicate any types of mould that may be left behind after a flood.

IICRC courses teach restoration companies the best methods for destroying microbes and making the home safe to once again inhabit. Following a natural disaster, consumers are most concerned with returning everything to normal as quickly as possible. They can’t do this if they believe their family is going to be exposed to health risks. It is therefore extremely important for professionals in this field to demonstrate their ability right away. The best way to do this is with a solid educational backing from the IICRC.

Source: IICRC