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3 Reasons to Clean your Carpets for the Holidays

3 Reasons to Clean your Carpets for the Holidays

Posted November 23, 2015
With all of the shopping, baking, cleaning and planning you're doing for the holidays, having your carpet floors cleaned may seem like just one more thing you'd rather not have to worry about. However, getting your carpets cleaned now in preparation for the holidays can do more than simply make your home look more presentable to guests.

Here are three reasons to have your cleaned for the holidays:
  1. Stain prevention
    With more traffic - and more food being consumed - in your home this season, the chance of spills increases dramatically. The dirtier your carpet floors are the harder it will be clean up spills when they occur - especially as sticky substances can adhere to the dirt embedded in your carpets. Getting your carpets washed now gives you a clean slate for cleaning up any mishaps during the holidays.
  2. Odor removal
    It's easy to become accustomed to the odors that linger within your carpet floors. For your guests, it's a different story. After going through all the trouble of preparing a big meal, the last thing you need is for the aroma of your food to have to compete with the musty smells or pet odors wafting from your carpets. Consulting with us about odor removal that can prevent your home's smells from sneaking up on you at an inopportune time.
  3. Sanitation
    If you're like most families with kids, opening gifts on Christmas probably involves some amount of floor sitting - and possibly crawling on hands and knees under the tree. Plus, if you'll be entertaining guests with small children, those little ones will probably be crawling around on your carpet floors, as well. Are your floors ready?
Regular cleaning is an important step in extending the life of you carpets, and it makes sense to schedule it before the holidays. If you're planning on entertaining this season let's freshen up those carpets.